The illustrious history of our esteemed church dates back to its founding in 1858, making it a venerable institution with a legacy spanning over 150 years. In its humble beginnings, our church held its inaugural services under the shelter of a brush arbor. However, the following year, in 1859, we relocated to a log cabin, which served as our sacred gathering place.

As the congregation grew in numbers and fervor, it became evident that a more permanent structure was needed to accommodate the faithful. In 1883, a magnificent white rectangular frame building, complete with a majestic tower and resonant bell, was erected. This architectural marvel became the spiritual home of our devoted community, providing a sanctuary for worship and fellowship.

Throughout the years, our church continued to evolve and expand, adapting to the changing needs of its members. In 1927 and 1938, significant additions were made to enhance the facilities, ensuring that our congregation had ample space to gather and commune with one another.

The leadership of our church has been marked by visionary pastors who have guided and shepherded the flock with unwavering dedication. The first pastor, Reverend Simmons, faithfully served from 1858 to 1868, laying a solid foundation for the church’s growth and spiritual development.

Another notable figure in our church’s history is Reverend N. C. Tolbert, who led the congregation from 1938 to 1949. Under his guidance, the church thrived and flourished, embracing its mission to spread the message of faith and love to the surrounding community.

During the tenure of Reverend Daniels, from 1940 to 1955, the church worshiped in a rectangular wooden frame building, which became a cherished symbol of our congregation’s resilience and devotion.

In 1955, Reverend J. L. Davis assumed the role of pastor, leading the church into a new era of growth and expansion. With his visionary leadership, the congregation embarked on a momentous endeavor to construct a magnificent concrete block edifice at 12107 San Jose Blvd. This architectural masterpiece became a testament to our unwavering faith and commitment to serving the Lord.

The subsequent pastors, Reverend William Levant (1970-1980), Reverend Kemp (1981-1983), Reverend Vernon Walker (1984-1988), and Reverend David Middlebrook (1988-1989), each contributed their unique talents and guidance to the church’s ongoing journey.

Since 1990, our beloved church has been under the steadfast leadership of Pastor Gary Williams. With his visionary approach and unwavering dedication, Pastor Williams has overseen the construction of multiple sites, including our esteemed Loretto Road Campus (3990 Loretto Road). This campus consists of Hope Schools, Family Life Center, Sanctuary and Gymnasium, and the revered St. Johns Campus (1351 Robert Road). This campus includes a state-of-the-art Sanctuary with an abundance of parking. This 31-acre site serves as the future home for The Hope Youth Center, Hope Conference Center, and Hope Senior Housing. These additional locations have allowed our congregation to extend our reach and impact, providing spiritual nourishment and support to an ever-growing community of believers.

As we reflect upon our church’s remarkable history, we are filled with gratitude for the faithful leaders, devoted congregants, and divine providence that have guided us through the ages. With a legacy built upon faith, love, and service, our great church stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the enduring power of God’s grace.

What We Believe

We are living in difficult times that confront us in every area of life. The
society in which we live is changing before our eyes. Many of our moral,
biblical and social beliefs have been challenged.


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Discover the family ministry of Hopewell. Help kids build their faith by using Bible stories, songs, and group activities designed for kids 18 months old through high school.


Promise Land Schools are comprise- d of the preschool and academy. Enrollment is currently for ages 6 weeks through 7th grade. Promise Land Schools adhere to the principle -s that help children learn. In additio -n to the ABEKA curriculum we offer Chapel, Music, Computers, Spanish and P.E.